Being Shit

I haven’t heard from Flapjack in a week now.  She’s been completely blowing me off and ignoring me.  I would understand it more if she was ghosting me, but she hasn’t blocked me on anything.  Oh well. Despite knowing that it’s a terrible idea, I’ve decided to taper myself off my Viibryd.  I don’t want […]

Feelings and Lack Thereof

I had a psychiatrist appointment today.  She had me start Lamictal last time I was there but I stopped taking it because I decided I didn’t like it.  Honestly, I’m thinking about quitting the rest of my meds and also therapy. Reason being is that, those asshole kids from yesterday made me realize something.  It […]

The Word of the Day is Effective

Hello, my friends, followers, and droppers-by.  Today’s word of the day is ‘effective’!  Because the word of the day is always ‘effective’!  Why is it always ‘effective’?  Because that’s the word Charon throws around all the time, and I mean that in an almost literal sense.  If she doesn’t say it at least once during […]