On Therapeutic Shit

When I had therapy with Cybele the other day, she made me feel the most validated I have in a long while.  I told her about how I feel like the most masculine presenting person in one of my trans support groups where there’s mostly trans femme and trans women, whereas in the trans masc/trans […]

The Flashlight

Today was the first day I got to watch my godmother’s dogs.  It was okay.  I’m itchy.  Surprisingly, I only got anxious thinking about someone stealing my bike.  Not about someone potentially breaking in and raping and/or murdering me.  So I’m going to chalk that up as a win. I’ve been having a hard time […]

Failed Foundations-Part 3

I’ll remind you all that the point of this is to figure out where to go next in therapy.  I’m trying to find a couple more things to do in Exposure Therapy.  What memories are the most vivid, the most traumatic, the ones that give me the most nightmares?    So far, most of my […]

Broken Normal Meter, Not a Broken Soul

As I’m gaining progress (at least I think I am) with dealing with the rape in an effective-ish manner, there seems to be a lot more shit coming up.  It’s like I focused so hard on keeping this all locked down tight by refusing to think about it, shoving it to the deepest recesses of […]

Fucking Gaslighting

Hey, all.  It’s me, the Sarcastic Autist.  Lately I’ve been feeling a lot like crying.  Partly because Exposure Therapy is hard as fuck.  Partly because I’m remembering some really nasty ass shit about my childhood.  And partly because I just feel lost. I feel lost because I realized, or rather, came to discover that my […]