Daddy Issues™ Part Two: TW Edition

Trigger Warning: Childhood Abuse         It hasn’t quite been an hour yet.  I managed to write the two instances I remember down, even if it isn’t very detailed.  Before I type them up, I feel like I should give some background on some things. When I was a kid, we lived in […]

Trauma and the Core-Self

I’ve decided I’m going to start a book club of sorts for The Body Keeps The Score. Partly because I told a few friends about it and, since it’s heavy reading, reading it together to process it might be more beneficial.  Partly because if I have to suffer, so do others.  It’s a very triggering book […]

Social Skills, Drop Bears, and Sleep Deprivation

Hello, my friends!  I took a really long nap today and I’m still exhausted.  I’m trying to figure out new and fun ways to study.  Mostly because I’m tired of studying the same way all the time.  I wish I had a classroom type thing I could go to and study.  Like a school but […]

Eating Disorder Woes

Hello, everyone!  I have a few announcements!  First off, Kuma-chan has expressed interest in making a wordpress so she can comment.  I told her I don’t care what she does because I’m not going to dictate her life.  Her concern was getting involved here in my ‘private place’ or something like that.  Again, she may […]

Testing: Day 1-Formidable Forms

Ahoy me mateys!  Today was the first day of testing, which basically meant forms, questions, and more forms.  Fun fact: I am shit at eye contact and sitting still for more than 10 minutes.  More funner fact: I’m pretty sure that Argon, the Autism specialist doing my testing, is on the spectrum as well.  Because […]

Body Dysmorphia Revelations

Hey, yeah, this is just something that is seriously bothering the fuck out of me right now.  So, as most of you probably know by now, I have an eating disorder.  It’s EDNOS or whatever the fuck it’s called now.  I restrict and I purge and rarely do I binge and if I do it’s […]

The Distress of Differentness

Salut, ami!  A head’s up, I’m going to be writing a paper on the pro’s and con’s of conforming, so if anyone has any suggestions for it, I’m all ears.  Not literally, however, because that would be gross and weird and I’d probably be in some government lab somewhere being tested on if I was. […]

Self-Injurious Behavior as a Stim

Hola, amigos!  I wanted to touch on a ‘sensitive’ topic again today.  Now, I’m told I can be rather blunt and forward.  I don’t like pulling punches and I prefer people to be straight with me too.  Even if I’m not straight myself.  Because I’m gay.  Probably.  Non-binary at the very least.  Okay, totally on […]

The Paradox of the Cyborg Paradigm

Greetings, fellow humanoid beings.  I, too, am a humanoid being.  Have you ever heard the term “Planet Asperger’s” or “Wrong Planet Syndrome”?  It’s a common way to phrase how we autists feel.  I know from my own personal experience, since I was just a wee little lass picking my nose and biting the heads off […]