Depression and Suffering

Hello, my dear readers.  I am sitting here sipping on an iced coffee protein shake (soy milk, chilled coffee, protein powder, sweet-n-low and some coffee ice cubes in a shaker bottle).  It’s delicious and nutritious and I’ve been obsessing over these things for the last couple of days.  I feel like I have a lot […]

Freedom and Insignificance

Hey guys and gals and people who don’t adhere to gender norms!  I got the results of the tests from yesterday and my thyroid is okie dokie for that test, negative for infections and negative for STDs.  So, yeah, that’s all very good news.  Bad news is that we still don’t know what the fuck […]

Religion, Relationships, and Joy

Ahoy!  I hope you are all well!  Neko-chan is being a little attention whore today.  She is so adorable.  I am also so very bloated with water retention and inflamed because I have eaten a lot of dairy and egg products the last few days.  I would not recommend if you are intolerant/allergic to dairy […]


Salutations, my friends!  I have just returned home from group.  Okay, I got home about an hour ago.  I had supper, fed my cat, took a shower, and told my mother that she wasn’t a complete failure and sometimes she’s right.  Today in group, we restarted the entire learning process for DBT.  We are covering […]

An Open Letter to my Ex

Dear Exacerbating Ex, I actually hope this finds you well.  I know how much you’ve struggled these past few years with your mental health and addictions.  I know that when I stole your pills, that was wrong.  Regardless of all the times you’ve stolen my pills or made me go to the doctor’s to procure […]