Racist Cab Driver

Okay, y’all ready for this one? This morning on my ride to group, the taxi driver was a woman I’ve had a few times.  Subject came up and I mentioned I don’t want kids because it kinda creeps me out.  I love children, it’s just the idea of me being pregnant.  She kept insisting that […]


Salutations, my friends!  I have just returned home from group.  Okay, I got home about an hour ago.  I had supper, fed my cat, took a shower, and told my mother that she wasn’t a complete failure and sometimes she’s right.  Today in group, we restarted the entire learning process for DBT.  We are covering […]

Reality, Acceptance, and Change

Hello, my friends!  I want to give a shout out to ToadieOdie for her brilliant comments and suggestions.  Also to Kuma-chan for dealing with my bullshit.  I’m doing loads better today with the migraine and the conflict with my friend.  Mostly because I have rekindled my love for reading, yet again.  Ah, books, they never […]

Fighting with Friends

Douzoyoroshiku, minna!  I had been fighting a migraine since last night and I’m hoping it was just stress and weather causing it.  I’ve been taking Excedrin and I think I have it well under control now.  I’ve also started reading InkHeart again, and my various heathen gods it’s just as wonderful as I remember.  Onto […]