Reality, Acceptance, and Change

Hello, my friends!  I want to give a shout out to ToadieOdie for her brilliant comments and suggestions.  Also to Kuma-chan for dealing with my bullshit.  I’m doing loads better today with the migraine and the conflict with my friend.  Mostly because I have rekindled my love for reading, yet again.  Ah, books, they never […]

Avoiding Avoidance

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again, my cyber-brothers and cyber-sisters.  Tomorrow is the day I finally start to get this retesting thing going.  Why retesting?  Because maybe I’m not really Autistic and you are all figments of some grand paranoid delusion starring other mentally ill persons and a very needy cat.  Or, […]

My Spazzing and Me: Part One

How goes it, my dear reader?  I hope it goes according to how you desire it to go.  Today, I’m just going to write a hopefully quick blurb about stimming, why I call it my spazzing, and why I love to do it.  First up, though, I just want to tell you that I had […]

Breaking Free of Willfulness

This will probably be my hardest post yet.  I had a really rough time trying to figure out what Willfulness even is.  Part of my willfulness is avoidance.  I’m super good at avoiding things, which is not something I want to be super good at.  Another aspect of my willfulness is digging my heels and […]