Little update

My computer is being a pain in the ass so I can’t do the update I was planning on. Doing this from mobile.

I skipped group today because I’ve been in a piss poor mood and didnt want to subject anyone there to it. And I’m still upset with Charon.

I hung out with Taha and went to the store and the store was really busy and I fucking hated it.

I had a cute cat battle with my friend on Facebook messenger, taking videos of our cats to share. It was fun. Her cat won, I think.

I have to get up in a few hours to do a lot of things tomorrow. I have another surgery consult with my regular gyno and then next Thursday I have another consult with a different one for a second opinion. Sweet Pea said she’d drive me because I have an 11 am appointment with Cybele and my consult is 3:40 pm in the cities so I’ll be stuck there all day. We are planning on going to a few shops and pretending we don’t have high anxiety.

I am going to bed now. Good Night.

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