Grandma Died

My maternal grandmother died a few weeks back. She wasn’t the nicest person, to put it politely, but she was my grandmother. I ended up not being able to make the funeral, although I regret not being able to. I think maybe I will make plans to go see her grave. I did end up […]


I don’t even remember the last time I posted.  I’ve been going through so much shit lately.  I asked for some Ativan for my panic attacks and got some. I have been having a lot of panic and anxiety attacks lately.  My mum was sent to the hospital a week after Thanksgiving and she apparently […]

Fender Bender

I’ll post a real thing tomorrow, probably, but I had to update. My mum and I got fender bender on the ice the other day. The other driver hit us after we had spun out. We spun out and then they fishtailed into us. No one was injured but we were all a little traumatised. […]


I have been in an immense amount of pain as of late. I’ve decided to go ahead and get the hysterectomy, but keep my ovary because I enjoy not being in menapause yet. I have court for the name change coming soon, too. I feel poorly so I’m gonna go back to my book. Wanted […]

Little update

My computer is being a pain in the ass so I can’t do the update I was planning on. Doing this from mobile. I skipped group today because I’ve been in a piss poor mood and didnt want to subject anyone there to it. And I’m still upset with Charon. I hung out with Taha […]


I called and cancelled going to group tomorrow because I’m in such a piss poor mood and I don’t feel like dealing with them.  I’m mad at Charon for a stupid reason.  My mum and I have been arguing a lot the past few days because I have zero chill for her bullshit right now. […]