DBT Stage 1 Graduation

Hey, I’m postponing my studying in order to say this real quick.

I talked to Charon.  We decided that me continuing to go to group for the Emotion Regulation would probably be a waste of time because I need to come at it from a different approach.  For some reason (*cough* Autism *cough*), it’s not connecting right.  So, first step (for me) would be to figure out if I can make a chart or something that would work for me to help with my emotion stuff.  Like, identifying my emotions and stuff.

Charon asked if I was ready to start Stage 2 DBT.  I said sure.  It was a hesitant sure.

Stage 1 DBT is skills training.  That’s the group that I was going to.  I’ll be going there Wednesday for graduation and to give out cupcakes and cookies.  I don’t know if I’m going to have regular sized cupcakes or mini cupcakes.  I haven’t gotten that far.  Maybe I should just bring a cake and some mini cupcakes or something.  I have no idea.  I’m starting to feel overwhelmed with that.

Anyway, Stage 2 is Trauma Recovery or Recovery from Trauma, however you want to say it.  Charon only deals with one Stage 2 client at a time and her last one just finished.  It’s really good timing and makes me think that the Fates want me to start this and I feel like I’m ready to do so.  A little bit, at least.

I’m kind of feeling wary and apprehensive and a little bit nervous about it.  Not anxious.  It’s weird that this doesn’t make me feel anxious. Worried, sure.  Not really anxious.

But anyway.  I’m trying to process right now, emotionally and mentally.  Which means I’m wanting to meditate/isolate/not really talk right now.  I just wanted to tell you guys.

But yay, graduation and cupcakes!

I’m going to be buying my own cookies that are gluten, nut, dairy, and egg free.

-The Sarcastic Autist

(PS, Charon liked the Drop Bear poem, the stuffed Drop Bear, and the explanation about Thought Drop Bears.  I feel very proud of myself.)

3 thoughts on “DBT Stage 1 Graduation

  1. Congrats on graduating stage 1! I never even knew DBT had a stage 2 or that it even had trauma recovery included. I thought it was just skills training. I am autistic (though my psychologist denies this) and have been diagnosed with BPD (or BPD traits it’s now). I would love to someday do DBT but am scared about the group part too and also about the idea which many DBT programs have that you are suspended from therapy for a bit if you engage in “old behaviors”. I need to still get my trauma taken seriously.

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    • Stage 1 is skills training, yes. Something I’ve noticed with female Autists is that they are often diagnosed BPD. The number one thing that BPD people have vs Autistic people, that I’ve witnessed personally, is that BPD are manipulative and self-serving. Autistic people may be viewed as self-serving, but that’s commonly due to Theory of Mind stuff.
      What I like about the place I go to is that you can engage in ‘old behaviours’ and still go to therapy and group and stuff, you just can’t call the crisis line. I never called the crisis line because I don’t like talking on the phone.
      Something you could try on your own if you don’t want to deal with the groups is to get the DBT Workbook by Marsha Linehan and work through it yourself a bit.
      Anyway, learning skills before going into Trauma recovery is important because you don’t want to get into the rough stuff and have no safety net. DBT has also helped me recognize a lot of melt down and shut down warning signs and has given me effective coping stuff to deal with them.
      Sorry it took me so long to reply. I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster the last week or so.
      -The Sarcastic Autist


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