Well, I’m mad

Okay okay okay.  Let’s see here.  Tomorrow I have to be up by fucking 3 am so I can get laundry done for my mum and me.  Then I got group.  I won’t get up until noon at the earliest.  The cat has an appointment at 1:30.  Then my mum has an appointment at 3:30.  She’s going to drop me off at the mall so I can look at shoes because, oh gods, how I need new shoes.  Then we have shopping.  She has surgery on Thursday.  I may or may not have a support group thing Saturday, it depends on if I can get a ride.

Sunday is my anniversary with my godmother.  Monday I should have off.  Tuesday, I have an early morning MRI, then an afternoon appointment with Charon, then an appointment with the ARMHS guy.  Wednesday is group.  Thursday I have an appointment with Cybele.

In that time, I also have to come up with questions for chapters 4-6 for The Body Keeps the Score, stay on top of my library reading, stay on top of my language studies, try not to get too stressed from everything going on… And I just realized yesterday that the english muffins we’d been buying had milk in them, which explains why I’ve been feeling so bloated and sluggish and having bowel issues and my mum tried to pull “well, you haven’t been throwing up” shit and I’m like… bitch, the fuck is wrong with you.  She goes on and on and on about how she ‘isn’t supposed to’ have all these different foods (mostly fruits and veggies, shocker), because they’ll give her kidney stones or some shit.  Yet, my doctor legit says “yeah, you shouldn’t be eating this, you’ve got an allergy thing”, she dismisses it.  Pisses me off.

Okay, also, fuck the social security office.  I am locked out of my account online and I can’t get to a real person because I have a speech impediment.  fuck them.

I’m mad.

-the sarcastic autist

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